With his much-anticipated new television series about a fabled buccaneer captain, a French prostitute and crew of rambunctious pirates searching for gold, Michael Bay might finally outdo himself.

While Bay is no stranger to television with award-winning commercials (remember "Got Milk"?) and music videos (Tina Turner and Lionel Richie), he might be best known for his movies Transformers, Armageddon and Pearl Harbor. His directorial debut in feature films was Bad Boys starring the very lovable duo of Martin Lawrence and Will Smith.

The unique film style Bay transfers from imagination to the screen always includes loads of action-adventure, over-the-top visuals, characters that offer comic relief during times of war and possible apocalyptic events, and extremely easy-on-the-eyes actors and actresses. His new series, "Black Sails," slated to premiere on Starz in 2014, is no exception.

Enter the Lovely Jessica Parker Kennedy

The plot of this pirate fantasy sails the pre-"Treasure Island" sea 20 years before the actual classic tale takes place. Survival is the name of the game as the journey follows the lives of scallywags, thieves, strumpets (prostitute in pirate speak), knaves, the blood-thirsty captain, Flint, and Max, a French wench. The actress, however, is not French; she is Canadian, of Italian and African-American descent.

IMDb lists her series credits to include V, Undercovers, and Smallville, but a majority of her work seems to fall in the television-film category with roles in Santa Baby, Santa Baby 2, Behemoth, and Collision Earth. She was also in last year's feature films 50/50 and In Time (with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried). Recently, she's been seen on the CW's racy teen drama, 90210.

The English Folk

Toby Stevens is slated to play the feared buccaneer captain, Flint. Stevens is set to sail the seas to New Providence Island. While Stevens has been awarded for his classical acting in Europe, this is his first major American role. However, you might have seen him in a Bond film Die Another Day.

Hannah New is beautiful and talented, graceful and a humanitarian. She has a degree in Spanish and English and acquired the coveted MFA in Acting at the Central School for Speech and Drama in London, where Dame Judy Dench and Lawrence Olivier are alumni — very prestigious.

Tom Hopper is a stage actor by trade, and he's most-known as the knight Sir Percival on BBC's fantasy series "Merlin" from 2008.

Location, Location, Location

If you have any plans to travel to Cape Town, South Africa, look for "Black Sails" director, Neil Marshal, and Michael Bay milling about. Deadline.com reports that pre-production has begun and preparation for this epic journey is happening.

Rumor Alert! IMDb has posted a page about the possibility of resurrecting two little known "boys" playing in a third "bad" movie. OK, they are not little-known and the movie is good. Could it be true? Will Smith and Martin Lawrence teaming up again for more "Bad Boys" action? Cross your fingers!

Moira Kristman is a Bostonian who loves foot-long Coney dogs, Fred Astaire movies and Ethel Merman. Her favorite movie of all time is "Paper Moon."